𓆲 Hoot~ Welcome to my website! 𓆲

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Welcome! I made this website as a means to relax, post art, rant, test out some html funnies etc. I may also occasionally post some experimental home baked games and tools.

Site is forever under construction, literally held up by ropes and filled with spiderwebs, so do expect some jank here and there.

Also, do head over to Guestbook to post about how this website totally swayed* your heart. Thanks 🖒

With all that out of the way, please enjoy your stay! (rhymeCount += 1;)

*pun will not make sense if you are viewing this on IE
30/09/22: Update font and add new animations
25/09/22: Added projects tab
24/09/22: Added more annoying animations Optimized art tab, added link tab
22/09/22: Fix art tab issues
19/09/22: Include "about me" section
Added 88x31 buttons
18/09/22: Added some art pieces in art tab
17/09/22: Added homepage, setup basic responsive styling
16/09/22: Added guestbook
15/09/22: Setup styling and animation
To-Do List
  • Create content for each tab
  • Add a loading screen for slow loading pages (guestbook👀👀)
  • Alternate legacy site for IE support

𓆲 Hoo am I? 𓆲

Hoot! I'm ζοιδ (zoid), hobbyist artist, hobbyist programmer, hobbyist everything, professional idiot.

I am the opposite of wise and intellegent, I do not stay up late at night, and I would never forcefully make someone sit through my entire conversation again if they forgot to press Ⓑ at the end of my dialogue.

Basically, what I am trying to say is that I am a fake owl.
But hey, "zoid" kinda looks like an owl head when converted into greek letters (zeta, omnicron, iota, delta), and nighttime is the only time where I get to relax and enjoy life the most, so why not make a personal art site with a theme of "night" and "owl" and just wing it.

Every single pun is intentional btw, just thought I needed to point it out.

Anyway, enough about me. Here's something more about me you might want to know in case it is never enough.

Recent favorite video games:
Nier Automata Elden Ring (drawing more logos in progress)