This be page for my coding projects, past and present. Most of them are unfinished, so they're mostly just half-baked experiments.
Regardless, I thought it'll be somewhat interesting to dedicate a tab for it, since I do have a few of them.

Boxing Game Demo
Boxing Game Demo (Writeup in-progress)

A small little project made for the purpose of learning 3D modelling and rigging, and 3D game development.
Mighty Lizzy
GameMaker Studio
Mightly Lizzy (Writeup in-progress)

Made using a GameMaker Megaman engine. Side-scroller demo featuring my vampire gremlin Lizzy Garnette.
Rhythm Gear
GameMaker 8
Rhythm Gear

A vertical-scrolling rhythm game made from scratch in GameMaker 8. Supports BMS, O2Jam and Stepmania notechart formats.